Healthcare Is In
A Workforce Crisis
Our Approach

Leaders At Every Level

Imagine having a team of problem solvers. Workers at every level who you trusted to take action and move the organization forward. That’s what 1821Health does.

Health systems are struggling with overwhelming demands and shifting priorities. Stress and burnout for front line workers is at an all-time high. When caregivers lack the skills to address these challenges, quality of care is diminished.

Companies need a new way to grow a sustainable, engaged workforce and implement a culture that allows the staff to not only survive, but also thrive in the years to come. 1821Health is a strategy designed to build practical, concrete leadership skills that are applicable to any professional at any level.

“The solution isn’t bonus incentives, an innovative technology, a regulation change, or a new strategic initiative. Healthcare will only get stronger when ALL of its people are prepared to navigate the ever-evolving landscape.”
-Rusty Holman, MD; Founder 1821Health
About Us
1821Health Is Dedicated To:
Leadership development inclusive of everyone
Accessibility and affordability of training
Practical, real-life application
A learner-centric design
Concrete skill development
Leadership as the answer to healthcare challenges
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Why the Name?
Fun fact, 1821 is the year the word “leadership” first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary. While many important qualities of leaders have remained constant over the last 200 years, the way we develop people and how leadership is actually manifest in organizations must evolve going forward.